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Foreign cuisine shines in a Korean setting: Chef Allen Suh s…

Since traveling overseas to try new dishes isn’t an option for foodies these days, many are looking for spots that can provide them what they’re craving without needing to hop on a plane.

Chef Allen Suh’s Michelin two-star restaurant L’Impression is where those who miss their time in New York and San Francisco, where he spent most of his time cultivating his culinary craft, can find some familiar dishes. He garnered a lot of attention when he opened his restaurant in 2018 after leaving his position as a sous-chef at New York City’s Eleven Madison Park, one of the top restaurants in the city.

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The First Day I Got My MICHELIN Star: Allen Suh of L’impress…

Korean chef Allen Suh is so determined to leave a good impression of Seoul on his guests, he even named his restaurant after that intent.

At L’impression, a wide window stretches across the width of the restaurant, allowing diners to appreciate the changing of the seasons as the trees outside change from brilliant green to rustic shades of red and sunset orange. Further afield, the skyscrapers of the vibrant capital city of South Korea come alight as night falls, and glimmer like stars beyond the restaurant’s window.

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Michelin Announces 2020 Stars for Seoul

Last week, French tire purveyor Michelin debuted its fourth guide to Seoul. In 2020, the South Korean capital has two new two-star restaurants and seven new one-star restaurants, for a total of 31 starred restaurants.

Chef Sung Anh’s tasting-menu restaurant Mosu was bumped up to two-star status. It earned its first star in Seoul in 2019, after moving from San Francisco (where it also had one star). Meanwhile, L’Impression appears on Michelin’s list for the first time with two stars. The restaurant’s chef Allen Suh spent 17 years working in Michelin-starred restaurants in the states before opening the Korean tasting-menu venue, Michelin notes.

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우리가 올해의 미쉐린 ★스타

큰 이변은 없었다. 프랑스 타이어 회사 미쉐린이 내놓는 레스토랑 평가·안내서 '미쉐린 가이드 서울 2020'이 14일 새롭게 공개됐다. 미쉐린 스타 레스토랑 31곳이 포함된 가이드북이다.

작년·재작년에 별을 받은 곳 상당수가 그대로 별을 유지했다. 지난해 별 1개를 받은 모수(모던 아시안)가 올해 별 2개로 올랐고, 임프레션(프랑스)은 지난해 11월 서울 신사동에 문을 연 지 1년 만에 곧장 별 2개를 획득한 것이 달라진 점. 진취적으로 서울의 미식 풍경을 새롭게 써내려가는 식당 7곳이 새롭게 별 1개를 받았다. 떼레노(스페인), 묘미(한식), 보트르 메종(프랑스), 에빗(모던 한식), 오프레(프랑스), 온지음(한식), 피에르 가니에르(프랑스) 등이다. 캐주얼한 중식당 진진은 작년 별 1개에서 합리적인 '빕구르망'으로 자리를 옮겼고, 발우공양(사찰음식)과 이종구104(한식)는 별을 잃었다.